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The Mobile phone phenomenon
January 15, 2009, 8:15 pm
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The technology of the mobile phone has significantly changed from the early 70’s when the first one was made by Dr Martin Cooper who at the time was working for Motorola.


In 1973 when he created the first mobile phone using just a portable headset, he made his first calls to his rivals Bell Labs and Joel Engel, who all three were racing to get this invention, the first ever mobile phone call was made walking down the streets of New York, and was witnessed in front of a journalist.




The first mobile phones were called 1-G’s, although they were only refereed as radiophones and were based on just analogue signal, unlike the phones we have today which all run now digitally.


After 1-G, 2-G came out which then introduced us to text messaging and voice service.  These 2-G phones were release in the late 90’s, which have text messaging and voice service they also had WAP Internet access.

We then move on to the benefits of the 2-G phone, most of them used lower radio signals which used less battery power, this meant that batteries could be charged, last longer, and also become much lighter as time went on. 

The name 2.5-G is used to refer to the phone technology that is post 2-G, but not quite 3-G.  However, while the terms 2-G and 3-G are officially defined, the term 2.5-G is not.  In fact, this term was invented for marketing purposes only.




The earliest 3-G commercial mobile phone was released in May 2001 in Japan, as the 3-G phone was getting popular; it was commercially released in October 2001.

From the invention of 3-G mobile technology, it has changed our lifestyles in contacting each other now, without sending letters or e-mails, it is now quicker to send a text now, and also a quick telephone call, also you can now go on the Internet with some of the recent phones that have come out, such as the iPhone which was brought out by Apple, this phone had the same technology that you get on a laptop, you can have Internet access easily, you can download music, games, photos onto this phone.




From the first 1-G phone that was invented in 1973, a lot has changed along the years, mobile phones have got faster, smaller and bigger, and more you can do on a phone, and keep in touch with anyone what ever time of day it is, over the next 10 years mobile phone are going to keep changing, and with technology getting better and better as the years go by, no one knows what they are going to be like in 2020, only time can tell.


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